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My name is Elisia Webb, I am the owner of CelebrityLash in Auckland.

I started my lash journey in 2006 from a tiny room inside a hair salon. Since then I have discovered that many 'Lash Artists' had never had proper training, nor the will to upskill as our industry evolves. This has led to a lot of bad applications and unhappy clients vowing to never get eyelash extensions done again, so it is my mission to share my knowledge with you through this website.


In this blog I have covered everything you need to know about eyelash extensions, and I will continue to share any new information on the latest trends, techniques and products. So make sure you have a good read through, especially if you consider getting lashes done for the very first time :)

I am also very passionate about helping fellow Lash Artists to start and build their own successful lash business, so I have included information on lash training and career opportunities here as well.


Feel free to message me for a chat!


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Lash by Elisia Webb

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What do I 

stand for?

I believe that every women has the right to enjoy beautiful, safe and damage-free eyelash extensions.

I first discovered eyelash extensions in 2005 and they totally changed my life. Not only for my convenience and self-confidence, but they also enabled me to have a successful career and business.


Unfortunately there are many uneducated Lash Artists offering the service at a poor standard, which is giving our industry a bad name. As an experienced Lash Artist and Trainer, I can tell you that with proper techniques and application, eyelash extensions are soft, lightweight and are comfortable to wear.

Now it is my mission to make information readily available on this website, so more women can also experience the beauty of eyelash extensions that are safe and damage-free.


Elisia xx

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