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Are they safe? Are they comfortable? Will they damage my natural lashes?


Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibres that are bonded onto your natural eyelashes; creating a realistic look by lengthening, thickening and adding curl without the use of mascaras.


When eyelash extensions are properly applied, they are seamless, weightless, clump-free and could last several weeks depending on the lash set and your aftercare.

Semi-permanent and Temporary lashes are 2 completely different application techniques, one is safe with full isolation and the other is not. Semi permanent eyelash extension is what we recommend, and what is deemed safe and damage-free. However the results can still vastly vary based on the experience and skill level of the Lash Artist. So it pays to go to a reputable salon to ensure proper application, visit my blog to learn more.


A skilled Lash Artist will always customize your lash set tailored to your desired look based on your natural lashes. Below are the examples of Classic, Volume and Mega Volume; and Hybrid Lashes (not pictured) is a blend of Classic and Volume which is very on trend right now.

Eyelash extensions Auckland


Since the birth of eyelash extensions in the early 2000's, the shape of the extensions used have always been cylindrical.

Flat lashes were invented around 2015; the width of the extension remains, but without the bulk on top or bottom, they are more of a elliptical shape. These lashes offer much better adhesion, and have proven to offer exceptional retention due to being 50% of the weight of traditional eyelash extensions. The material however was shinier, they felt and looked more plastic-y, and they weren't hugely popular at the time.













In recent years, Flat lashes have evolved into Cashmere lashes.

They are still 'flat' and elliptical but the material is much softer, they have a split tip and not as shiny. Cashmere lashes also come in different diameters in 0.10, 0.15 and 0.20mm, and even in premades/promades.

Eyeash extensions Aucklan

Classic Lashes

  • 1 extension on 1 natural lash

  • 0.10mm/0.12mm/0.15mm diameters or 0.15/0.20mm in Cashmere

  • Between 40 - 100 lashes per eye

  • Application time 45min - 90min

  • Typically lasts 2 to 4 weeks+ but it also depends on the fullness of the set

   Pro & Cons

  • Fullness are depending on your natural lashes

  • Natural and defined - but can look sparse depending on your desired look

  • Great for subtle everyday look

Cerise Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes

  • 3 - 6 extensions on 1 natural lash

  • 0.05mm/0.06mm/0.07mm diameters or 0.10/0.15/0.20 in Cashmere

  • Between 100 - 300 lashes per eye

  • Application time 60min - 120min

  • Typically lasts 3 to 6 weeks+ but it also depends on the fullness of the set

   Pro & Cons

  • Can create fullness even if you have short, soft and/or sparse lashes

  • Natural and fluffy - good retention due to lightweight extensions used

  • Great for everyday or special occasions

Auckland Volume Lashes

Mega Volume

  • 8 - 15 extensions on 1 natural lash

  • 0.03mm/0.05mm diameters or 0.10mm/0.15mm in Cashmere

  • 500 - 1000+ lashes per eye

  • Application time 2 - 4 hours

  • Typically lasts 4 - 8 weeks+ but it also depends on the fullness of the set

   Pros & Cons

  • Maximum fullness

  • Can look fake and unnatural

  • Takes a long time to apply and is expensive

  • Great retention but not recommended for everyday wear, more for one-offs


Early 2010's

Lash Artists were hand making Volume Fans using thinner lash extensions. This technique is done at the time of the client's appointment, and handmade volume creates exceptional adhesion, if they are correctly wrapped around the natural lash. However this method is difficult to master, so 'Premade Volumes' were developed a few years later. 

Mid 2010's

Premade Volume Fans were created by machines in factories, but they are normally very dark and heavy at the base. But the tips are generally thinner and finer, they don't compare with handmade volume sets.

Late 2010's

Promade Volume Fans are actually handmade fans made by factory workers, then put into a pot and sold in the quantity of 500 or 1000.

Premade/Promade don't wrap around the natural lash, so generally they can 'ping' off quite easily. The base can be quite big, and could damage client's natural lashes if the density isn't chosen correctly.

Now, Promade Volume is available with Cashmere Lashes. They are lighter, bond like magnets and offer phenomenal retention and fullness. They are quicker to apply, the fans stay open and are not affected as much by the weather and room conditions.

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