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What are Eyelash Extensions?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Are they safe? Do they cause damage to my own eyelashes? Do they look and feel natural?

If you are thinking of getting eyelash extensions for the very first time, then this article is for you.

Long beautiful lashes

Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibres that are bonded onto your natural eyelashes; creating a realistic look by lengthening, thickening and adding curl without the use of mascaras.

When eyelash extensions are properly applied, they are seamless, weightless, clump-free and can last several weeks depending on the lash set and your aftercare.

Eyelash extension is not regulated in NZ, nor Australia, neither are many other countries around the globe, which means anyone can buy a kit online and learn it off Youtube. It is unsafe to trust anyone with chemicals and sharp tweezers around your eyes, so this is the reason you should always go to a reputable salon.

There are 2 types of lash applications - Semi permanent and Temporary.

Cerise Classic Lashes

Semi permanent eyelash extension is what we recommend, and what is deemed safe and damage-free. However the results can vastly vary based on the experience level of your Lash Artist.

Isolation is the key when it comes to applying eyelash extensions, as 1 single extension (Classic) or 1 fan (Volume) should always be bonded onto 1 natural eyelash only. Which means your extensions are allowed to grow out freely as the natural eyelash sheds, hence this is the reason why you can keep getting infills without having to remove the old lashes and starting all over again.

Many horror stories we have seen are due to Lash Artists clumping the lashes together, this could be due to their skill levels, using too much adhesive, rushing through a set or not giving a damn about their client's lash health!

Temporary application is designed to only last a few days, they are quicker to apply (20 - 30mins) and usually cost less, so the application is often not as precise.

Flares, clusters or aka party lashes are often used for temporary applications, especially by makeup artists doing bridal or ball makeup. These should only be applied with a temporary glue (ie latex based glue such as Duo, or a weaker strength glue which only lasts a few days) because each cluster is bonded onto multiple natural lashes and are not isolated. If a strong adhesive is used, the set must be removed within 2 weeks, and not to be infilled.

It can be confusing because some beauty salons are calling these clustered lashes eyelash extensions and are applying them with semi permanent adhesives!! This is so wrong as it will result in massive clumping, pain and the possibility of lash loss if not removed in time.

Depending on your desired look and budget, your Lash Artist can create different looks based on the diameters used and the number of lashes applied per natural eyelash.

Generally speaking fuller sets will last longer, they also take longer to apply, and will cost more.

Hybrid Lashes are very on trend right now - it is a mixture of Classic and Volume, so you will get both the fullness as well as definition.

So eyelash extensions are overall pretty safe (only if you go to someone reputable), and if you have decided to give eyelash extensions a go, then check out my next article to find out what to expect during your eyelash extension appointment.

Elisia xx

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