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Are you still unsure if becoming a Lash Artist is the right career choice for you?


I know getting into a brand new industry can be very daunting, so it pays to do a lot of research before giving up your current work to take on a new career path. Lashing looks easier than what it really is, so you'll never find out until you have done your training, and to see if lashing is something you want to pursue.


I have found the majority of Lash Artists are self employed working from home, or renting a room inside a salon. Many of them enjoy the idea of having their own business and the flexibility of working their own hours, but do expect in order to become a successful Solo Lash Artist, you are also required to learn about the marketing and business sides as well.


Highly skilled Lash Artists are very sought after around the world, and it is definitely a skill that you can travel with on your OE. Being an employee, your hourly wage would depend on your speed, skill, and experience level. But if you are after more flexibility, then you may want to consider contracting to a salon on a commission based structure.


There are pros and cons working as an Employee, a Contractor or a Solo Lash Artist, and you may even want to open your own lash salon and grow a team to work for you. Take a look below and see which opportunity is best suited for you.



  • Working in a salon for someone

  • Hourly wage (plus commission)

  • Salon should provide on going training

  • Salon will provide clients

  • Salon will manage your bookings

  • Salon will provide materials/products

   Pro & Cons

  • Stable income with holiday pay/sick days

  • Inflexible hours

  • Capped earnings



  • Working in a salon with someone

  • Commission based

  • You are responsible for on going training

  • Salon may/may not provide you clients

  • Salon may/may not manage your bookings

  • Salon should provide materials/products

   Pro & Cons

  • No holiday pay/sick days

  • Flexible hours

  • Better earnings than employees

Solo Lash Artist

  • Working for yourself 

  • At home or renting a room/space

  • You're responsible for on going training

  • You'll find your own clients

  • You'll manage your own bookings

  • You'll source your own materials/products

   Pros & Cons

  • No holiday pay/sick days

  • Work your own hours

  • More risk having your own business
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