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Common FAQ - Part 1 Pre-appointment

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have before booking your appointment

How long will my lashes last?

Generally speaking, Classic Lashes should last around 2 - 4 weeks and Volume Lashes should last 4 to 6 weeks. But you can keep your lashes looking full and fresh by getting them infilled every 3 weeks.

This can be a tricky question to answer as longevity can vary between individuals based on these factors.

  • A fuller set will last longer because there are more lashes to begin with, so a set of Volume Lashes would last longer than a set of Classics.

  • Lashes applied by a more experienced Lash Artist would last longer than those applied by someone with less experience.

  • Stronger adhesives will help lashes last longer, but they contain more fumes

  • The sizes/curl applied could affect retention

  • Weather - the adhesives behave differently in different weather conditions

  • How strong or porous your natural lashes are will also affect longevity

  • Your body chemistry and PH levels

  • Your aftercare

Can I wear other makeup with my extensions?

A lot of clients do not feel the need to wear much eye makeup with eyelash extensions, but you can absolutely wear makeup for special occasions. Just make sure you use an oil free makeup remover to remove your makeup and work gently around your eyes.

Fully saturate your cotton bud/pad so no fluffy bits getting stuck in between your lashes, then wash your lashes with a foaming lash wash.

We recommend Lash Game Foaming cleanser and makeup remover. You can purchase them from our website

Can I get a patch test done to see if I will be allergic to the adhesive?

NO, NO and NO, definitely NOT!!! Whoever told you to get a patch test done by applying adhesives directly onto your skin behind your ear is UNEDUCATED!! Go to another lash specialist straight away!!

Eyelash adhesives are not meant to be applied directly onto the skin, the extension should be bonded onto your natural eyelashes only, 0.5mm to 1mm away from the skin. Allergies are very rare, however if you are concerned about sensitivity, contact your lash professional to apply 10 - 20 or so lashes onto each eye as a trial. But in saying that, if you did not react to 10 lashes per eye, it doesn't mean you will not react to a full set. You should ask if your Lash Artist carries a lower strength adhesive, or if she has a barrier cream she can use on you.

Why is it important for my Lash Artist to stock a variety of sizes? I'm only interested in the longest and thickest lashes.

It is often a common misconception to think that eyelash extensions would give the same look of strip lashes. The truth is that strip lashes are applied directly onto the skin with a latex glue, they are designed to last one day whereas eyelash extensions are bonded onto your natural eyelashes and should last until each eyelash sheds off.

Think hair extensions vs a wig; they are two completely different things.

You should not be wearing the thickest and longest extensions if your natural lashes cannot support the weight of them, unless you already have thick and long natural lashes.

Why should I choose a lash salon over a beauty salon for eyelash extensions?

Beauty salons often offer a broad range of beauty treatments such as waxing, massage, nails and facials. But going to a specialized lash salon means that all they do everyday is just lashes. Also a lash salon will have a higher turnover of lash clients, which means they will change out their adhesives faster so they are fresh (they stick better), they are more likely to carry a larger range of lash sizes and are kept up to date with the latest training.

Either option, you should always check out their work and ask any questions you may have before booking in.

What are the lashes made out of? Are there different kinds of lashes to choose from?

The two common types of lashes are Mink and Silk Lashes. Both are made from synthetic PBT fibers, which are a type of polyester resistant to solvent.

I personally do not think it's true that one is better than the other, it just depends on the brand. Glossy finish may result in a darker look, and matt finish will give a more natural, softer look.

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