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Eyelash Extension Myths - BUSTED!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Let me debunk some of the myths you may have heard about eyelash extensions!

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Is it true that eyelash extensions can damage my natural lashes?

To be completely honest it is not a simple yes or no answer. It depends on the application, the lashes used and how you follow the aftercare advice given by your Lash Artist.

Eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes if applied correctly. There are two important facts that you should be aware of before you decide which lashes are best for you.

Sizes too long or too thick - Your extensions should only be slightly longer (50% longer max) and slightly thicker than your natural eyelashes. Excess weight and length can cause stress on the natural lashes and result in breakage or damage.

One extension/fan should bond to one natural eyelash only - An experienced Lash Artist would fully isolate a natural lash and adhere only one extension or a fan to that natural eyelash. This semi-permanent method allows your natural lashes to grow and shed freely and not be restricted by being stuck to other lashes. If you experience clumpy or heavy lashes, you should get them removed immediately.

Is it true that my extensions will fall out faster if I get them wet?

It is absolutely fine to get your lashes wet, and we recommend you cleanse them daily with a foaming lash wash, blow dry them on a cool setting and brush them gently. This helps to remove any oils, makeup or debris from your eyes and lashes, keeping them clean and healthy.

New studies had proven that your lashes (and adhesive) would have cured pretty much immediately, so it is not necessary to keep them dry for 48 hours post appointment. Some salons actually wash the clients' lashes before they leave their appointment, washing away any fumes from the adhesives and to help with clients who are prone to allergies.

It is not necessary to wear goggles in showers, but if you are swimming in a pool or on a beach, it would be more comfortable to wear goggles. Otherwise make sure you wash the chlorine or salt off your eyelashes afterwards.

Would my extensions last longer if I didn't touch my eyes?

It is absolutely fine to brush your lashes gently, but pulling on them or playing with them excessively is not recommended as you may pull out your natural eyelashes. If your extensions were applied correctly in the first place and are well looked after, they should stay on until the end of the natural lash cycle.

It is normal for your natural lashes to shed, and that the extensions will come off when they do! So there is no need to panic when you see an extension in your sink or on your pillow with your natural lash still attached to it.

It is recommended to get infills every 3 weeks or so to maintain the fullness of your lashes.

Is it true that I cannot wear mascara with my extensions?

The whole point of getting extensions is so you wouldn't need to wear mascara everyday! So if the reason for you wanting to put mascara on is because the lashes weren't full enough, then ask your Lash Artist to apply more lashes, or opt for Volume or Mega Volume.

But if you aren't wanting to get them infilled, then you could use mascara to blend them together as your extensions have started to shed, or you can just go back and get the remaining lashes removed.

Putting mascara on top of freshly applied extensions is not recommended because they can affect longevity, and it could be difficult for your Lash Artist to clean your lashes properly at your next infill appointment. Since they are your lashes and you have paid for them, it is entirely your choice if you insist on wearing mascara on top of your extensions. However your Lash Artist may charge you extra for removing mascara, which can be messy and time consuming. She would probably rather spend the time applying more lashes for you instead of washing them.

Is it true that the adhesive used in eyelash extension is the same as a surgical adhesive?

Although it is true that eyelash adhesives contain the same ingredient (cyanoacrylate) as medical or surgical adhesives, the two aren't exactly the same thing! It is a marketing term used by lash companies to make their adhesives sound 'safer' to use.

Only the tiniest amount of adhesive is used to bond the eyelash extensions, so with correct application, eyelash adhesives are fairly safe to use around your eyes. If you have had allergies related to Acrylates, then the allergy stays in your system and the reactions can stay with you for life.

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