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Common FAQ - Part 2 Post-appointment

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may have in regards to taking care of your new lashes.

What do I need to avoid after getting my lashes done?

Avoid steam and oil near your eyes, avoid standing too close to hot ovens and BBQs, stay away from extreme heat and water proof eye makeup. Try to sleep on your back, never pull on your eyelash extensions, wash them daily and make sure you brush them gently as required, in a downward rolling motion.

You can visit our website for full aftercare instructions

When and why do I need to get infills?

We recommend our clients to get their lashes infilled every 2 - 3 weeks, as natural lashes go through a replenishing cycle. You'll find your lashes will fall out gradually, looking less full as they shed.

The time between appointments depends on what suits you personally and how quickly your natural lashes shed, how well your retention is, how full you like them to look, and other externals factors such as the season, the weather and what activities you partake in. You'll find your lashes would probably last better in winter more so than summer.

If I don't want my extensions on anymore, can I remove them myself?

Please don't attempt to remove them yourself! Go back to your Lash Artist, and she would have either a remover gel, cream or liquid designed to remove your lash extensions safely and effectively. A removal should take 15mins to 30mins depending on how many lashes you have left. Make sure to keep your eyes closed and still during a removal, which should be painless with no stinging.

Is it normal for my eyes to sting after getting my eyelash extensions applied?

No, it isn't. Once the adhesive is cured, it turns into inert plastic and will not emit anymore fumes.

Some foundations or face creams may contain ingredients that could irritate eyes, so it is recommended to wash your lashes and lash line every night with a foamy lash cleanser to remove any dirt, oil or makeup on your eyelids and in between your lashes. Some clients with sensitive eyes may experience some redness post treatment, but it should clear up within 24 hours. If symptoms persist, contact your lash professional ASAP.

What to do if my eyes are still watery and stingy after 24 hours? Am I allergic to the adhesive?

You will need to contact your lash professional ASAP and ask her to see you at her earliest available appointment for a removal. It is very rare for a first time client to experience a true reaction. Some cases we have seen could be weather related (pollen) and it could have been built up over time from a few months to even 3 years. Some clients have reported that their eyes became sensitive after using a new eye cream or lash serum.

Taking antihistamines can also help to reduce itchiness. If symptoms persist you will need to have your set of lashes removed immediately. If redness or swelling does not reduce after the removal; seek medical help immediately.

Can I use lash serums such as Lilash or Revitalash with eyelash extensions?

Yes it is fine to use lash serums that are applied onto your lashline (eyeliner brush), but avoid any lash conditioners that require you to apply directly onto your lashes (mascara wand) as they may contain oils and reduce the longevity of your lash extensions.

Some clients have found that lash serums actually helped their natural lashes grow, and it made their lash extensions last longer. Others however, reported that their eyes became sensitive from using lash serums and their eyes became very dry and itchy.

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