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Magnetic Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

With NZ currently on lockdown, I bet your extensions have pretty much all fallen out by now, if not they will in the next few weeks until salons are allowed to reopen again. Don’t worry we have a solution so you can still be looking good on Facetime and on Zoom!

Today I want to talk about our Day & Night Magnetic Lashes by Cerise, they are super easy to use, fun to wear and they feel way more comfortable than other Magnetic Lashes on the market. Our lashes have tiny magnets on them and are attracted to a magnetic eyeliner that comes in your kit.

You can literally apply both lashes in under 3 minutes and this is how it works –

Step 1: Shake the eyeliner

Step 2: Apply eyeliner on your lashline, wait for 1 minute so they are completely dry

Step 3: Apply the eyelashes onto the eyeliner, and voila!

Each set comes with 1 x eyeliner and 2 pairs of eyelashes – a DAY look and a NIGHT look where you can get 2 looks, but you can even stack together for an ultra glam look.

You might have seen ads from other brands of magnetic lashes, and you might be confused with which ones to get. For me, I have found those girls advertising or reviewing those brands generally wear very heavy full face and eye makeup. To be honest for you and I who normally get eyelash extensions, we don’t wear that amount of makeup on a daily basis so it is important for me to find something that looks and feels natural.

So this video is for you who usually get eyelash extensions but cannot at the moment because of lockdown, and I want to show you how you can get the most out of our Magnetic Lashes as a temporary solution until we can get our lashes done again.


I am an avid eyelash extension wearer for over 12 years, I have evolved from wearing Party Lashes to Classics then to Volume, I have a lash salon, so I never had the need to wear strip lashes, so I am a complete Newbie when it comes to putting on strip lashes myself. Even with 14 years of lashing expertise, putting your own strip lashes on is a totally different ballgame!

First attempt

Magnetic lashes are strip lashes and instead of using a latex glue, you apply them with an eyeliner, so this is a makeup product and they are not the same as eyelash extensions that someone does it for you.

I have only had strip lashes put on twice with success, both by professional makeup artists. My first DIY was about 14 years ago and the lashes came off when I was in Dressmart LOL.

My 2nd time was last year, with our Magnetic Lashes for a Lash Conference, I didn’t manage to get an infill (and as a Lash Artist, you cannot attend a conference without lashes!!) They worked much better than my first attempt, but it was a new product I didn’t really trial them out prior. I thought with my lashing experience I could just wing it. The application wasn’t perfect I must say as it was my first go with the Magnetics, but nevertheless, they did the job and lasted about 8 hours

The Real Test

Last week, when I left with about 5 extensions on each eye, I thought it would be a good time to really give them a proper go. We have sold so many sets prior to lockdown, we pulled them off our website during Level 4 since we couldn’t ship anyway.

So when I found out Level 3 was near, I put them back online and they were flying out the door and I started to talk about them on our Instagram #ceriselashes.

Before writing/filming this review, I wanted to test them out over a few days, so I can share more of my own tips and hacks with you, and some creative ways to really customize your lash look.

Tricks and Tips

My #1 tip is to be patient and #2 tip is to practice - if you have not had experience with wearing strip lashes or putting on liquid eyeliner then make sure you practice several times before using them for a night out. Take your time! Get the eyeliner right, and the lashes will attach easily and will stay on.


- This is just like a normal liquid eyeliner with a brush, wipe excess on the side before using.

- Shake it first and apply 2 to 3 coats (and let them dry in between) and when finished wait for at least 1 minute before placing the lashes on (make sure the eyeliner is dry).

- You will need to make sure the eyeliner applied onto your lashline is long enough to reach the first magnetic (inner corner) and last magnetic (outer corner), if your eyeliner is drawn too short, the lashes will not last.

- I would recommend you do at least 1.5 times to 2 times thicker than how you would do your eyeliner, you must remember the eyeliner is not just for the looks, it has to be thick enough for the lashes to hold. Again you might be able to get away with the normal amount of eyeliner used, everyone is different, so best to test them out on yourself.

- You may want to emphasize on the areas where the 3 magnets are going on your lashline.


- Measure the width of your lashline before making your purchase - we have 26mm, 28mm and 30mm bandwidths available for small, medium and large eyes (if in doubt, go down a size).

- You can start applying with any of the 3 magnets, whatever feels natural for you, and take your time. I choose to apply the inner corner first then middle then outer on my right eye. My right eye is my trouble eye, so applying the inner corner first will ensure I have it on the exact spot

- Make sure you stretch out the lash so they sit flush against your lashline.

- You can use your fingers or non-magnetic tweezers to apply the lash, whatever you find easier and more natural for you.

- With your right lash strip, you could have your hand coming from the left so you are giving enough pull when stretching, so the inner magnetic is more secure on your inner corner.

- The lashes can be reused up to 30 times depending on how you handle them, just check that there isn’t any residue of the eyeliner on the magnets, otherwise they won’t attract. So just scrape off the residue with your nails before reusing them again.

Day 1 – Wearing #2 Cateye Night - I really love the look on camera, nice and full! I would wear this out day and night.

Day 2 – Wearing #1 Natural Night on reverse - This is my favourite look, I would be happy to wear this out day or night.

Day 3 – Wearing #1 Natural Day on reverse - I like how light they look and feel, very natural, I would wear this out during the day.

Day 4 – Wearing #1 Natural Night with light eye makeup – I wanted to see how makeup would affect the wear, and I found it blends in with the eyeliner nicely with a very nice neutral shade on the eyelids, I would avoid using too much eyeshadows too close to lashline.

Day 5 – Stacking 2 pairs together #1 Natural day on reverse + #3 Whispy Night – I was surprised that they didn’t feel much heavier at all, and I really love this look on camera.


Coming from someone who doesn't wear strip lashes, I was surprised how easy they were to use. For my eye shape, I liked having the lashes on reverse, ie right strip on my left eye and vice versa.

Our lashes only have 3 magnets on them, so they are super lightweight and flexible, whereas other companies have 5 to 6 magnets on their lashes and their eyeliner is like tar. When I was speaking with my manufacturer about adding more magnets on, they said that would make the band too heavy and stiff. I did order some from a different company to try, and it’s true that they aren’t flexible and do not bend and wrap around my eye.

Our Magnetic Lashes are definitely on the more natural side, great for Newbies, and now I have even learnt a new skill applying liquid eyeliner which is a bonus!!

Eyelash extensions by Cerise 10/10

Magnetic Lashes by Cerise 9/10

Eyelash extensions are definitely way more convenient and weightless especially if you have found a talented Lash Artist. With any strip or Magnetic Lashes, it doesn’t matter how light they are they are still applied onto your skin, so you can still feel them on your eyes, it is a feeling you can get used to though. You do also need to take them off everyday and remove your eyeliner whereas you don't need to with eyelash extensions.

They will last well on a night out but if you are thinking of wearing them for a full day, just bring your eyeliner with you and touchup during the day if required.

Hope this article was helpful

You can purchase our Day & Night Magnetic Lashes from

Elisia xx

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