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What you should know about eyelash training workshops

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

If you are wanting to get into the lash industry, then proper training is the first and the most important step to becoming a Lash Artist. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a training workshop.

eyelash extension training new zealand

If you think you can buy a training kit online, and learn eyelash extensions off 'YouTube academy' then you are off to a wrong start!

Not only will you need to understand the theory of safe application, you will also need to learn how to calculate the correct lash sizes for each client. Working that closely to someone's eyes with strong chemical and sharp tweezers can be extremely dangerous. You could scratch or poke her in the eye, you could drop glue into her eye and in extreme cases you could even cause blindnes. I am sure neither of these are what you want to do to your models or clients!

The eyelash extension industry is not regulated in New Zealand (and many other countries) so it means anyone can apply lashes without a license or a certificate.

The certificate you'll receive from your training is usually a Certificate of attendance, it means you have partake in the training with that company. Most training companies would require you to send through case studies, or to come back for an exam before receiving some sort of certification. Please note since the industry is non-regulated, a certified Lash Artist doesn't mean she is qualified or has the knowledge to apply lashes.

Why you should invest in a good training workshop?

  • Be able to apply the lashes safely and correctly

  • Learn the correct posture and setup, so you can speed up the application time

  • Learn all the important steps to perform the treatment, and to help improve longevity

  • Learn about lash sizes and how to calculate the correct size for each client

  • SAVES you time trying to figure it out on your own, and making mistakes!!

Here are a few questions you may need to ask -

  • How many years of lashing experience does the trainer have?

  • How many years of training experience does the trainer have?

  • Has she got her own salon? Has she got staff working for her whom she's trained?

  • How many students is she training per year?

  • How much is the kit you'll be receiving, and do you have any support after your training?

  • How long is the training workshop? What is covered during the workshop?

Here are a few things to consider

1) The experience of the Lash Trainer

I know there are a lot of great Lash Artists out there, but is she experienced in teaching others to lash? Being skilled at lashing is paramount, but that doesn't make that person is a good teacher.

In my opinion, a good Lash Trainer must be very experienced with lashing, and she can also communicate with her clients; so she understands what the client wants her to achieve. Because your clients' eyes will be closed during the entire treatment, she cannot see the end results until the set is finished. You must be able to converse with your clients prior to the application. Communication is the key to become a successful Lash Artist.

2) Is your training value for money?

What is included in your kit? Will this be enough to service over 100 clients? Does your kit come with a consistent range of lashes, or are they random curls and lengths?

eyelash extension training new zealand

I personally feel you should receive a good range of sizes so you can get familiar with them when you practice on your models. Basic styling/mapping should be covered during your class so you should know how to use the sizes to create different looks.

Also find out the content of you kit, so you don't get products thrown in to make it look like a large kit that you can easily find at your chemist or supermarket.

3) The quality of the workshop

Is your training interactive, filled with powerpoint, diagrams and drawings? Or do you just sit there reading out a manual?

Most training workshops out there are 1 day long, and it doesn't mean 1 day is sufficient time to learn everything about eyelash extensions. I would not recommend you attend a 2 day workshop that covers both Classic and Volume. Volume is an advanced technique for confident Classic Lash Artists. I always recommend my students to have at least 2 - 3 months in between each class, so they have enough time to practice and come back with more experience and questions. This way they can get more out of their next class.

Eyelash extension is not an easy treatment to master, you should be prepared to invest the next few years to upskill and become the BEST you can be.

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