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What is Cashmere Ellipse?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Cashmere Ellipse Russian Volume is the latest craze in the lash industry. In this article, I am going to explain a little more on why Cashmere Ellipse is so revolutionary!

Who invented it?

Cashmere Ellipse was first created by Renee Mikkelsen from Seriously Lashes - the one and only Cashmere Ellipse Educator who is based in Brisbane.

As an Award Winning Mega Volume Artist, Renee had started to see a decline in lash health on her clients 4 years ago. and to retain her clients who love fuller, longer and darker eyelash extensions, Renee knew she had to look for another alternative.

This was when Renee first discovered Cashmere Ellipse - a type of Flat lashes (with a split tip) that look thicker and darker, but weighing only 30% - 50% of a normal round based extension (which 99% of Lash Artists are currently using).

As you can see from the diagram, the base of a Cashmere Ellipse Lash is flat. So with it's unique shape and less materials, they are so much lighter than normal eyelash extensions but offering you much blacker and fuller appearance from the front!!

The KEY 🔑 to safe eyelash extension has always been the weight/diameter.

With eyelash extensions, we need to work within these safety guidelines below to ensure we protect the health of your natural lashes.

For example:

Classic application is placing just 1 x 0.15mm lash onto 1 natural eyelash

For Volume application, 2D is placing 2 x 0.10mm on 1 natural lash and...

🔸 3D to 4D - 3 or 4 x 0.07mm 🔸 5D to 6D - 5 or 6 x 0.06mm 🔸 7D to 8D - 7 or 8 x 0.05mm

Which means the only way we can safely increase the fullness of your set, is to decrease the weight/diameter of your extensions so this way we don't overload your natural lashes causing premature lash loss. This is something we are very seriously about at Cerise, hence I jumped at the chance to help Renee organize/host her NZ Cashmere Ellipse MasterClass in May/June 2021 with all 8 classes all SOLD OUT nationwide!!

Because Cashmere Ellipse is so lightweight, which means we can...

✔️Extend your lashes longer ✔️Make your lashes fuller

✔️Make your lashes look darker

And the BEST THING is?? ✔️Your lashes will last longer

✔️They feel much lighter ✔️Better for your natural lashes

And of course they are still customisable, so if you want something more natural, you can get less lashes put on in a shorter appointment

We are so excited to be offering these new Cashmere Ellipse at Cerise, if you are interested in trying them, jump online and make your next appointment with us.

In my next article I will be reviewing my own set of Cashmere Ellipse that was done by the one and only Renee Mikkelsen, so you can get a honest review from me.

Elisia xx

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