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Why getting a FULL set in 20min isn't a great idea 🤷

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

It's been a while since I wrote my last blog entry, it would have to have been when we had our first lockdown! Since then, I have done a lot of re-planning for the salons whilst running training workshops, with classes almost every Sunday! So here I am, finally with some spare time, writing this final entry of 2020. Well timed too, as if you are frantically trying to find an eyelash appointment before end of the year, this entry will save you money, pain, tears as well as ensuring the safety of your lashes!

With only two weeks till Christmas, the Cerise salons are completely booked out - and are still getting 30 messages daily from people wanting a last-minute appointment! Unfortunately, we do a lot of lash repair work in January.

Established lash salons tend to be booked months in advance around Christmas, and people wanting an appointment but forgot to pre-book can be willing to go anywhere that can fit them in. This can be unwise, however, as the work done may not be up to the standard they expect, and this can result in uncomfortable, improperly applied lash extensions.

Posts often pop up in buy/sell/swap pages on Facebook asking where to go for “cheap extensions that are good quality.” Such posts attract comments from community members stating how they have full sets of lash extensions applied in 20mins – leaving certified and trained lash technicians scratching their heads! These posts are increasing in volume around this time of year, so I thought this would be a great topic for this blog post. I hope the following explanation, from a certified lash extension trainer, will help to educate you as to why getting a full set of lashes in 20mins isn't a great idea!

When you visit a new lash salon for the first time, this is what you should expect.

Consultation - 10 to 15min

You can expect your Lash Artist to carry out a consultation with you before your initial lash application to discuss what your desired look is, and determine if your natural lashes can actually support the look that you're after.

We stock over 300 lash sizes at Cerise - they come in different thicknesses, lengths and curls. By mixing several sizes, your extensions will look natural and believable. It is extremely important that your lash extensions are matched correctly to your natural lashes, so they will offer the best longevity without breaking or causing damage to your natural lashes.

If your 'Lash Artist' doesn't bother to consult you on your desired look, consider how they will know what to create for you? What if you want a full set of Russian volume? Or a very natural classic set, that just looks like a light coat of mascara? Without consultation, you’ll likely find the ‘Lash Artist’ has a one size fits all approach to lash application – which as we know, doesn’t work in the beauty industry!

If your ‘Lash Artist’ doesn’t offer a consultation, they probably only carry a very limited range of sizes - these are often the thickest and longest lashes (which are not suitable to use on 99% of people) and their clients do not get a choice in styling or application.

At Cerise, we believe this is wrong, that lash application is an art, with each set custom designed for each client. That is why I have put air quotes above around the words 'Lash Artist' as they aren't really trained professionals, but someone who likely learnt the application process off YouTube, which, without proper training on proper sanitation, techniques, lash weights, curls, to name just a few, tend to go on to butcher their clients lashes, so for the rest of this entry I will call them Lash Butchers.

Prepping - 3 to 5 min

After consultation, you will be asked to lie down on a massage table or a recliner.

Your lashes will be washed and your Lash Artist will apply undereye protection to cover your bottom lashes - gel pads, microfoam or 3M paper tape are the common ones. These should be trimmed to fit the contour of your undereye and placed correctly so they do not touch your eyeballs which could cause discomfort.

Your lashes will then be prepped for application. Prepping is super important to ensure comfort during application and longevity of your set. I don’t understand why 'Lash Butchers' skip this step, as we have repaired work done by many who are not educated enough to use eyepads, who have asked clients to lie down and have their eyes half open so the top lashes aren't touching the lower lashes.

If your lash butcher has no intention of placing any kinds of eyepads on you, you should get up and leave her premises immediately!!

Application - 30 min to 2 hours+

Now your natural lashes are prepped for the main event - the lash application! This is when your Lash Artist will use both hands (one to isolate your natural lashes and another to apply).

It is often a common misconception to think that the application takes the longest, but it is isolation that takes up majority of the time. This is because we need to ensure only 1 extension (Classics) or 1 fan (Volume) is applied to one natural eyelash ONLY. Correct isolation is paramount and it is super important so your natural lashes are not damaged, therefore you can keep wearing eyelash extensions for years to come.

Given that your natural lashes are SUPER EASY to work with, and in the hands of very experienced Lash Artists (think 3 years+ experience) at a push can apply 40 to 50 classic lashes (per eye on both eyes) in about 30mins. That is like lightning speed, in 14 years I have never seen a quality set of lashes completed under that timeframe, so there is no way a quality set can be done in twenty minutes from start to finish.

If your natural lashes are not properly isolated, then a twenty minute full set application is completely achievable by these Lash Butchers. Even a 10 minute job is possible using flares (aka party lashes or clusters). If you book an appointment with one of these Lash Butchers, then you will need to live with the consequences of the improper application for the next few weeks eg - extreme discomfort, lash loss, and in some extreme cases - sensitivity, chemical burn and allergic reactions.

You may think you're getting a great bargain – that it is no big deal paying $30 for a 20 minute full set application. But when it goes wrong (and I can guarantee it will for sure) then you'll have to pay for removal, a lash serum and a Volume set to disguise the damage which can set you back $300.

So really? Are they really worth it? I will let you decide.

Elisia xx

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