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Pros & Cons of Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

You see all your friends bragging about their lashes, but you wonder if eyelash extensions are for you? And what about the upkeep?

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I believe that every women should wear eyelash extensions, but I do understand that some women cannot stand them (ie my mum because she loves rubbing her eyes).

Below are the Pros and Cons, so you can decide for yourself if you want to wear eyelash extensions everyday to replace your mascara, or simply just get them done for special occasions only.


  • Feeling more confident knowing you eyes are 'made up' 24/7

  • Giving you darker, longer and fuller lashes that mascara could not offer

  • Saves you time in the morning

  • No smudging mascara during the day

  • Much more comfortable than wearing false strip lashes/flares/clusters

  • Accentuate your eye shape with the use of different lengths, curls, diameters and design

  • Makes you look and feel more feminine

  • Customizable - you can have them from natural to dramatic, or anything in between


  • You will need to get them infilled every 2 - 4 weeks to maintain fullness

  • You cannot rub your eyes, and must avoid sleeping on your face

  • You'll need to be gentle around your eyes, and be washing your eyes everyday

  • You must have natural lashes for extensions to bond onto

  • May not be suitable if you have sensitive eyes

  • If you wear strip lashes, then eyelash extensions maybe too natural looking for you

So if you are ready to spoil yourself with some eyelash extensions, then go to my articles to learn about what to look out for at your lash appointment.

Elisia xx

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